Monday, April 18, 2011

L Family. Ryder age 4 + Maternity.

This family came to visit me in the studio this weekend for a double session and it couldn't have went better! Four year old Ryder was full of smiles and lots of kisses for his future brother or sister which helped me out tremendously! I had a hard time narrowing down photos to share on the blog, there were soo many! Thanks 'L' family for the great session! Good luck in the coming weeks!

Kallen. age 2.

This little guy was such a sweetie! He started off a little shy but once we started throwing the ball back and forth, he was ready to go! I am in love with his bright blue eyes! Thanks for coming to see me in the studio Kallen!

Amika. 3 years.

This little gal had lots of spunk! At first, it seemed like I might not be able to get very many shots of her because she didn't seem too interested in me and my camera. After spending some time playing with her however, she warmed right up and hammed it up for the camera! Honestly, doesn't she look like she could be a future model?!
and lastly, I can't help but post a photo of her with her mama! They look like they have a ton of fun together!