Saturday, October 2, 2010

harvest season

Harvest is in full swing around our place lately and I am so excited that I captured a few shots of my family this evening. I said it once and I'll say it again, the late afternoon/ early evening light is amazing! It is by far my favorite time of day to shoot photos!
My youngest two really love the farm and were so happy tonight when I picked them up after a combine ride with dad. The smiles were plastered to their faces!
please excuse our lack of 'style'. The kids got themselves dressed today (I am learning to pick my battles!) Ty loves red, can you tell? And Miss Madi, well, she had to look like a girlie girl when she went out to the field! It is so them!
She was so happy and giggly with her sweet.
Tyson loves the truck.

And here are a few of the actual harvesting...not just the kids. I am having a lot of fun taking nature shots lately..who knew?!


Tara said...

Great memories on the farm! I remember those days well from my farm kid days. ;-) Love Ty's head-to-toe red. Ha!