Wednesday, September 22, 2010

sweet & cuddly lil' guy + his big brothers

Can I just give say once again how much I love what I do! It is such a dream to get to work with families and capture their true moments in photos. I met this family about a year ago when their twin boys were 1 1/2. They kept us on our toes (all three of us, mom and dad too!) but I had a lot of fun chasing them around! I captured a lot of 'moments' for them that time and was excited when they asked me back to take some more photos of the boys when they turned 2. This time around, they introduced me to their sweet new little brother Nash (love his name!). He was a model baby and slept most of the time, and when he wasn't sleeping, was pretty content to lay back and take it all in.
Thanks so much 'S' family, it was great to see you again!
these two are already some great BIG brothers!
a little brotherly love.
I love this shot, just wish I would have remembered to turn the 'N' around before I snapped.
and with his gorgeous mama, I love to capture mommy/baby shots!