Thursday, September 23, 2010

a new beginning

This summer I said many times how I was ready for Tanner to go to school. He and I were knocking heads while he exerted his newly found independence. As a new six year old, he was more than ready to begin this journey and so was I, or so I thought. The summer flew by and before I knew it, I was putting him on the bus for his first day of kindergarten. I didn't think I was going to be that mom, the one that is crying the day her child goes to school. Afterall, we were both counting the days and weeks as the summer went by. It was harder than I thought. When I waved goodbye after snapping this photo, I realized that things were changing in our house. No longer would I have him around to help me play with the other kids or challenge me to a card game. He was a BIG boy now and off to bigger and better things. I did cry a little thinking about all that was over, but I am excited to think of all that is yet to come!
He was so happy to be a BIG kid riding the bus.
Every morning, he anxiously awaits the bus (and so does his little brother, Ty's new favorite word is 'bus'.)
and look who else started school (her second year of preschool) this week...I am so NOT ready for her to start kindergarten next year!
and both of my big kids getting off the bus {sigh} can't believe they are old enough for this, where oh where is the time going?
I can't forget to include the little guy in this post, things are changing for him too. Two afternoons a week, it is just him and I, a glimpse of what is to come next year. I know he misses them, but he is also pretty happy to have me and his daddy to himself!
And he is totally eating up the idea of having all the snacks to himself! He grabbed a pillow, snuck the pretzels down from the shelf and plopped himself on the kitchen floor. I couldn't resist taking a shot of this!