Thursday, August 5, 2010

caterpillar adventures

What an afternoon! Tanner and Madi and I ventured outside and went on a hunt to find some caterpillars and we ended up finding 3 (to add to the 2 we already had!). It was so fun to go on this mini adventure around the farm and then to check the new creatures out afterward!
Tanner joined me in capturing a few shots (he loves that I have let him have our old point and shoot to do his own photography) and Madi had a blast watching and naming our new little friends.

She is so thrilled with animals (and now bugs!). I love watching her face light up when she is interacting with nature!

And I couldn't resist but post this picture of her (however imperfect the focus may be!). She was cracking up about the caterpillar pooping! Oh, the little things that amuse a 4 year old!