Sunday, September 20, 2009

The 'S' Family

This is a family I spend a lot of time with in the summers, and it was so much fun to get to photograph them! Ethan and Isabella are adorable and I got some more practice with BROWN eyes (for those of you out there who think I only take pictures of BLUE eyed kiddos!). The light really makes eyes sparkle when you catch it in the right place and I am getting better and better at that all the time!
I am going to make this post a little short since I had FIVE, yes, FIVE sessions this weekend and I am EXHAUSTED! Be looking for those sneak peeks on here in the next week or two! I am also excited to announce that I will be doing my second wedding next weekend in Pelican and am very excited about it! For those of you waiting on me to get on the ball and get my wedding price list out there, I am working on it, I promise it will get out in the next week!