Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Cutest Kid Contest

Cast your vote in the cutest kid contest! I tried to do a poll for this to be easier but I have messed with my blogger acct. too much and it doesn't work! So, we can do this the good ol' fashioned way and leave comments on the bottom of this post. I will post names and numbers by each child's picture, when you leave your comment tell me either the name or number of the kid. Remember you can vote once a day..the winner recieves a photo book or a canvas print!

Tucker-age 1
Tucker- 1

Drew- 2

Rylynn W.- 3

Emmalyn- 4

Haylee- 5

Levi- 6

Brody- 7

Rylynn K.- 8

Clair- 9

Logan & Ella
Ella- 10

Logan & Ella
Logan- 11

Dillan & Jolee- 2009
Dillon- 12

Dillon & Jolee 003
Jolee- 13

Friday, July 3, 2009

Haylee- 2 years

We had to reschedule Haylee's shoot three times and luckily, for us, the old saying, 'third times a charm' held up! I met this little gal at her grandma and grandpa's country home and had many, many cool places to take pictures. I am seriously loving what I do! I really enjoy going to other peoples homes and taking pictures where they are most comfortable! I am very confident that if you book a session with me, we can find good spots to take pictures! I just need to find 'good' light and these days I am getting much better at it!
Haylee had the most amazing blue eyes, they lit right up in the light and there were a few I captured in her grandma's gorgeous flower bed that I loved! I hope her mommy is as happy with them as I am!
Thanks 'S' family for a fun shoot, it was great to meet you!
Haylee- 2

Haylee- 2

Haylee- 2Haylee- 2

Haylee- 2Haylee- 2

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Levi- 15 months

I felt right at home when I pulled into Levi's farm! There were tractors, animals, a big garden and lots of room to run, run, run! The little guy didn't slow down the entire session! He was literally into everything and his mom, grandma, and I were pretty worn out by the time we were done! There were many great photo opportunities and I tried to take advantage of them all, but I know there were many I missed! Hopefully the next time I visit their farm I can try those shots out.
Thanks so much 'E' family for this fast, fun, and busy photo session!
Levi- 15 months

Levi- 15 monthsLevi- 15 months

Levi- 15 monthsLevi- 15 months

Levi- 15 months

Brody- 1, & Rylynn- 3

I was lucky enough to get to meet Brody and Rylynn at grandma and grandpa's lake home for some fun birthday and water pictures. It was a gorgeous day and the water felt so cool and crisp, I didn't want to leave once I dipped my toes in! Brody wasn't sure about me at first, but between mom, grandma, grandpa, and his older sister, Rylynn (who is in a few pictures herself!) we were able to get some cute smiles from him. It was so nice to meet you 'K' family! Thanks so much for letting me take your adorable little one's pictures!
Rylynn & Brody 2009

Rylynn & Brody 2009Rylynn & Brody 2009

Rylynn & Brody 2009
Rylynn & Brody 2009