Friday, June 5, 2009

A first taste...

Tyson has been trying more and more foods that the rest of us eat. Part of it is because he protests against being spoon fed anymore and part of it is because it is easier for me! The clean up is not easier, obviously, but being the mama of three I know that this soon shall pass. He is learning, and everyday he gets a little bit better at self-feeding. Tonight we had spaghetti and I decided to let him have at it, knowing that he could just get into the bath tub afterward. He loved it, to say they least. I think that these pictures really tell the story. He went at it and didn't stop until his tray was all clean. The little man has yet to meet a food that he doesn't like!

I am really liking photoshop these days and pioneer woman actions. I combine many of them to create this look along with a high ISO on my camera to create some graininess in the photos. I wouldn't use these for portraits usually but they are great at depicting everyday life. I love that these crazy, messy moments are my life. I might not immediately enjoy them but looking back at these photos makes me love my crazy life!
Loving his first taste of spaghetti

Mmmm, I love this stuff

Lil' messy hands

Yumm, Spaghetti!

I love Ty's eye's in this photo along with the purple ball. He was in the tub getting cleaned up but you can't really tell. I used my 50mm 1.4 lens with my aperture wide open and a high ISO. I am so excited that I finally get it w/ my camera and settings!
Big Eyes

My sweet and spicy little Madi with a cute shampoo hairdoo, she loves this photo! She got out of bed twice when I was editing to admire it!
Shampoo Hairdoo