Friday, June 5, 2009

An evening on the farm

Last night after supper the kids and I headed up to grandma and grandpa's place to visit the animals and help feed the calves. Madi really enjoys seeing the animals and helping while Tanner prefers to be playing or watching sports. Last night was no exception for my little sport fanatic, the NBA finals were on and he wasn't happy about missing some of the game.
I wanted to head up there with my camera so I could capture the triplet cows (celebrities on our farm, this is extremely rare!) with my camera. Trav's dad, Don, had asked me to get a picture before they go out to pasture so I thought I better at least try. I got lucky last night because when Madi, Tyson, Trav's sister Kara and I went to feed calves they were there standing side by side ready for their photo op. They were born in December of 2007 so they are getting ready to have baby calves of their own. It's hard to believe that they are already that old, it's seems like yesterday they had their own article in the paper!

May 2009 1270

May 2009 1289
These next two photos below are of the triplet cows (in case you couldn't tell!)
May 2009 1283

May 2009 1280

May 2009 1274
This isn't really a farm picture, I just love how blue Ty's eyes are in this picture!
May 2009 1273
Tanner and Grandma T. walking out of the milk room. He later convinced her to take him inside so he could catch the game!
May 2009 1271

May 2009 1269
Look at my little raggamuffin Madi! She had just come home from spending the whole day in the tractor planting soybeans with her dad. She looks like a little tomboy, a stark contrast to her three year portraits I posted in the last post!
May 2009 1268

May 2009 1261


Tara said...

Wow. All the kids are looking so old! Cute shots!