Sunday, May 31, 2009

Flickr slideshow

I am in the process of trying to figure out how to upload my photos from my flickr site onto a blog post (not in a slideshow format like this). I think I am close to figuring it out, I know how to add one at a time and I am hoping there is an easier way since I am not too interested in doing it one by one.

The pictures on here are all new ones I have taken of the kids in the past few days. The kids and I went out to the field the other night and Ty went for his first tractor ride at 9 months. He loved it and was trying to drive and pull on levers the whole time. The reason I know this is not b/c Travis told me but b/c I was with...all FIVE of us were with in this itty bitty tractor cab to plant a few rows of soybeans. It was a fun family time, although a little bit cramped!

I am using a lot of actions right now, mainly ones I downloaded from (awesome blog by the way! you should go and check it out here.) I am also going to make my own website (or at least try!). I really want a professional place where potential clients can view my work and prices as well as a calendar with a list of available dates. Look for that in the coming month or so!

But for now, I hope you enjoyed the slideshow, it's short and sweet!