Saturday, April 4, 2009

Trying my hand at digi-scrapping

I have been working with my extremely slow computer, have I mentioned that I need another one?! It is so so (frustratingly) slow I feel like I waste a ton of time waiting for things to load. It is even worse when I use any kind of photo-editing software, especially Adobe Photoshop Elements. But I have been trying my hand at digital scrapbooking anyway, it seems I need to get these creative juices flowing somehow!

The following are my first attempts at making pages on the computer. I wish I could say that it is so much faster than traditional scrapbooking (which I really haven't had time or patience for!) but I think that it is a wash with my old school computer! What do you think? Have I mentioned that I love comments of any kind? Please, please feel free to make a shout out, it is the only way for me to know who is reading!

The one above is a thank you card I made for Madi's birthday. I reallly like the results, it is a lot of fun to do this, especially when I have great digital scrapbooking kits that I downloaded for free to use!

I made this one this morning when the kids were still at my moms house (they spent the night so Travis and I could go out for my birthday, a week late!). It was my uncle Gary's 40th birthday and I wanted to make him something special...and I am just having so much fun with this I want to keep going!

Another birthday page/card...Travis' dad is turning 60 tomorrow and I thought I would make him a quick creation as well since I need the practice and b/c I am having so much fun...have I mentioned that?! :)

The last two (above) are not actually scrapbooking pages, they are collages I made. I am experimenting with this as well to give my photography an edge, and give my customers more options on printing their photos.

**In other news, I have a photo shoot tomorrow and I am really excited for it! The little girl just turned one and her mom made a tutu just for the occasion! I will post pics as soon as I get some edited!