Wednesday, April 1, 2009 like a lion, out like a BEAR

I don't want to sound too negative here but we have had some rotten weather the past couple of weeks. It all started with some gorgeous temps after a big blizzard. I believe we had a temperature swing of nearly 70 degrees within 48 hours or so. It felt so spring like and everyone was so excited to finally get out of our winter hibernation! During this gorgeous weather, however, we had some troubles with our home. We live in a 16x80 manufactured home (this is what I was told very matter of factly when we bought it and I called it a trailer to the salesman). It isa newer model and isn't bad but I am getting anxious to get into a house, especially since Ty was born. It is a three bedroom, 2 bathroom place but with 5 people there doesn't seem to be too much room to move anymore!
Anyway, I am off topic. We bought this place intending to be in it for no more than 5 years before we built a home of our own (it will be 5 years this month since we moved in). Right before Madi's birthday party Travis and I noticed some spots on the ceiling starting to emerge. Neither of us thought very much of it since they were small spots. When we woke the following morning though the spots had expanded a lot! They covered the entire west side of the ceiling from our room through the dining room and living room. Our closet seemed to have been hit the hardest since the spots in there were very dark. When we felt the ceiling it was soft and damp..not good, not good at all!
We had someone from our insurance company out right away and he told us there was nothing they could do for us...very frustrating since this is why we have insurance in the first place! When Travis and I ventured up to the roof to survey the damage we found some alarming things. The people who built the place didn't put the vents on properly (to say the least) and we had only about 50% ventilation coming through (at best). The insulation was soaked inside as well.
I was worried about mold and didn't want the kids exposed to that so we went to stay with my mom until it dried and we could get it tested. While we were staying with mom, we watched the Red River in Fargo rise everyday and kept hearing how grim it sounded. We ended up being evacuated from moms house on my birthday (great, huh? It actually wasn't too bad since I didn't have time to get upset about not having dad there this year simply because it didn't feel at all like my birthday.) We stayed at my sister and her husband's place for a few days and I ended up coming back to our place. There wasn't room at Angela and Nick's and I didn't really want to be in the middle of the worst flood in our area in recorded history. Travis thinks that we don't have to worry about mold until it warms up and I believe that, but I still want to get it tested. Call me a nervous nellie, but when it involves my kids and their health and well being I do not and will not play around. They are my life and I don't want anything to happen to them!
So, here we are. The Red River has went down, prayers were answered! The areas around the river are a mess and the people who had to fight so hard everyday to save their homes may have to fight one more time. We have had a lot more snow dumped on us the past couple of days and they are talking about another crest in mid April. We are all praying that it doesn't break any records this time. Although the people in the Red River Valley are tough and fight hard they don't need anymore heartache and stress. Please pray that this will all end soon and things will go back to normal. I love living in this area and not because of our headline making weather, but because of the people who call it home!