Friday, April 17, 2009

Kyler & Taelyn

I went to Kyler and Taelyn's gorgeous new home to take their pictures this week and I was so excited to see all the light spilling in through the HUGE windows. Seriously, this plus adorable kids equals every photographers dream (ok, well maybe that is just my dream!). I had a lot of fun playing ball with Kyler, who reminded me so much of Tanner (my little 'big' guy) in his love of sports at such a young age! His little sister Taelyn had the most infectious little smile and I was even able to capture a few thanks to mom! Thanks 'C' family for a fun session!

I love his face in this one, what a tough guy...seems to be saying..don't mess with me!


Anonymous said...

These are so great, Mandy! I especially love that last one. What dolls! Great job.