Sunday, April 12, 2009

Erica- Age 1- one last time!

I had one more photo shoot with little Erica, and wow am I glad that I went back! She was asleep when I got there so I was able to get some adorable sleeping shots and then she was the happiest little girl when she woke up! There were so many different poses to choose from this time, I had a HARD time limiting just which ones I was going to post!
Michelle- I am working on taking the background out of this family shot and placing you guys in front of a black background instead (this is way to busy for such a great family shot!). I might also try a white background and just let you choose. Thanks again for letting me take Erica's pictures! Happy 1st Birthday!
I am trying something new, I took a picture of a wall in Erica's had the 'Now I lay me...' prayer on it. I knew that I already had some great shots of her sleeping (I love, love, love the little thumb in the mouth, tushie in the air pose!). In photoshop, I took some of the pictures and placed them on the wall..what do you think? I think that next time I will leave the shadows out of the background, I don't think that it needs it on this image, what do you think?


Michelle said...

Eeeee!!! These are great! I'm so excited to see the rest! This is our first really good family picture where we are all smiling and looking at the camera - only took a year! Thank you so much!