Friday, April 24, 2009

An 80 degree day in April?! Whoa!

Wow, yesterday was so so nice! It was the first day that actually felt like spring, and almost like summer! These are the days that make me smile. Plus it was our 4th wedding anniversary. Happy Anniversary babe! Can't believe that it was only 4 years ago we were saying, 'I do'. With all the changes that have taken place it feels like a lifetime ago!

The kids and I were able to get out of the house and run around, exploring, playing, creating, the possibilities were endless! We took full advantage of the beautiful weather by being out in the sunshine nearly all day. I, of course, had to bring my camera and although the kids weren't too happy with me I got a few good shots! I love this first one of Madi, she is getting some serious air. There is no way that I would have been able to get a shot like this with my other camera!

In other news, Ty has started crawling like a little speed demon this past week. He has been crawling for awhile but before it was more hesitant, not anymore. I can't believe that I now have three very mobile kids! I wonder if I will be able to keep up!? Here are a few S.O.O.C (straight out of camera) shots of our day today. The weather is much much cooler. The high today was supposed to be 50, (gotta love Minnesota) so we are inside. We made some fun foam creatures for an art project this morning. They turned out really cute!
Here is the little man, crawling away from his crazy photo obsessed momma! Gone is my sweet little stationary baby who would sit and smile for hours in front of the camera! And he's off...
I will be at the VFW tomorrow for a home show if anyone is in town you should stop by! I am selling discovery toys and also doing a booth with my photography! This is the first time that I have done this and I am so excited! Hopefully I can book a few new sessions.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Emmalyn- 4 months

Sweet, little baby Em was such a fun little baby to take pictures of, there was no shortage of good shots! She started out a little fussy but once my camera came out she would stop and give me the sweetest little looks. It's no wonder her auntie kept calling her 'Hollywood'! Her mommy had a bunch of fun outfits for her to try on and she posed well in all of them, it was hard to pick the best shots! My favorites had to be the yellow polka dot bikini and the headband outfits...they are oozing with girly cuteness! Emmalyn's cousin Wren came in for a few shots as well. Thanks for such an awesome shoot 'S' family!

Three month old Wren didn't seem too interested in wearing the adorable headband or in having in her picture taken! These girls have the most gorgeous eyes (must be from their mama's!) and made it easy for me to get good pictures!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Kyler & Taelyn

I went to Kyler and Taelyn's gorgeous new home to take their pictures this week and I was so excited to see all the light spilling in through the HUGE windows. Seriously, this plus adorable kids equals every photographers dream (ok, well maybe that is just my dream!). I had a lot of fun playing ball with Kyler, who reminded me so much of Tanner (my little 'big' guy) in his love of sports at such a young age! His little sister Taelyn had the most infectious little smile and I was even able to capture a few thanks to mom! Thanks 'C' family for a fun session!

I love his face in this one, what a tough guy...seems to be saying..don't mess with me!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Erica- Age 1- one last time!

I had one more photo shoot with little Erica, and wow am I glad that I went back! She was asleep when I got there so I was able to get some adorable sleeping shots and then she was the happiest little girl when she woke up! There were so many different poses to choose from this time, I had a HARD time limiting just which ones I was going to post!
Michelle- I am working on taking the background out of this family shot and placing you guys in front of a black background instead (this is way to busy for such a great family shot!). I might also try a white background and just let you choose. Thanks again for letting me take Erica's pictures! Happy 1st Birthday!
I am trying something new, I took a picture of a wall in Erica's had the 'Now I lay me...' prayer on it. I knew that I already had some great shots of her sleeping (I love, love, love the little thumb in the mouth, tushie in the air pose!). In photoshop, I took some of the pictures and placed them on the wall..what do you think? I think that next time I will leave the shadows out of the background, I don't think that it needs it on this image, what do you think?

Thursday, April 9, 2009

'hoppy' easter!

Happy Easter (a few days early)! I took these pics of the kids today and it makes me want a backdrop all the more! I used a white sheet and tried to smudge them in photoshop but it didn't always turn out. I like the results's not easy taking pictures of three kids 4 and under!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

More photos of Erica- Age 1

I edited a few more pics of Erica (from last weekend, we are still going to do another session to get her fun '1' outfits in!) and decided to post them on here. I am really having fun with photoshop elements, I just wish my computer were faster! She is such a little cutie, she had no trouble looking right at the camera with those big baby blues of hers!

I just love her expression in this last photo. Her face is slightly out of focus but her smile is priceless, love the toothy grin!