Wednesday, March 4, 2009

New Logo

I created a new logo and tagline today and I like it, but I am still unsure about the name? Any other suggestions? I still kind of like Creative Memories Photography or maybe Mandy T. Photography? For now, this will do and maybe I will decide to keep it forever.

Ty also got a chance to take a bath in the big boy tub with his sister. He loved it! Splashing, exploring, and smiling. Here is some video I took of the momentous occasion!


Jodie Allen said...

i love that she has an old shampoo bottle and a coffee cup! we bought all "nice" tub toys for our first daughter and then the first time she pooped in the tub we threw them away and opted for old kitchen things! :) And their favorites by far, now, are old soap and shampoo bottles! SO glad I'm not alone in crappy (no offense!!!) tub toys their kids love!