Monday, February 23, 2009

What a day!

I took Madi and Ty to the doc today for well child visits and expected to hear that both were a-ok (except for a little cold that Ty is getting over). Well, when we got there I had to wake both kids up from a nap in the car. As usual Ty was the go with the flow little guy and his big sister Madi was extremely grumpy. She didn't want to go in and when I finally convinced her that she wasn't getting any shots she decided that coming with me and Ty was better than staying the freezing cold car.

Somehow I knew that this doctor visit wasn't going to go well. When the nurse called us back (the same friendly nurse we've always had) Madi didn't want to go. She relented when I walked away and stood my ground on not giving into her little fit.

This is where the fun started. She flat out refused to let the nurse measure her, no amount of coaxing (even from strangers waiting their turn behind us) was going to make my stubborn little chica do what she DID NOT WANT TO DO! The whole visit went like this (and normally she is a kid that likes doctors, she asked if we could go back to the dentist the day after we went for the first time!). Our doctor is fantastic at what he does and even he had a tough time w/ Madi today (he has 8, yes 8 girls at home, so he has seen it all!) We ended up having to hold her down (poor girl) and he discovered a pair of bright red ears. She has a double ear infection, a nasty one!

No wonder she has been so so so crabby and has had so many meltdowns! I don't want to say that I was glad to hear that she has this but I was very happy to hear that her meltdowns were a result of all the pain the poor thing is in!
So, my little gal is on medicine (yummy stuff in her words) and we are hoping that she gets better soon!

In other news, I stopped by the Pout baby boutique in Fargo this afternoon and can I just say that I love it! I wish that I had more money to spend in there, they had a lot of cute stuff! I did buy a hat and some leg warmers and a colorful stuffed monkey that will be making an appearance in my photos on here in the coming weeks. You should stop there if you are in Fargo. They are very nice and personable and have a fantastic kids play area! Madi gives it 2 thumbs up. Click here to check out their blog.

Here are some pics of Ty in his new cow crawler covers...can't wait to get some better shots in the light of day!