Sunday, February 8, 2009

lil' farm girl

This is non-photography related post, I couldn't resist these cute shots! Madi and I got a chance to be in the cow/calf shed today, just her and I. She was so totally in her element and I had so much fun watching her use her high pitched 'mommy' voice on the calves she was feeding. She was telling them not to fight over their food and being such a good little mommy by feeding them little scoops of corn (w/ other things, hmm, I don't know what but I am sure that my little farm girl would be able to tell you!). She told me I could help but in the next breath told me very matter of factly not to feed certain pens with bigger cows. "They don't get this kind of food, daddy gives them corn pellets." Can I just say wow, my little farm girl! She is only 2 (for another month). Travis and I always seem to say this, neither of us can believe how smart and articulate she is!
Here are some pics of my sweet little farm girl feeding her calvies.