Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Thumper Pond

So we decided to take a short trip this winter, one that wasn't too far away so we could get there and back quickly. I really want to take family vacations but with three kids under 5 it really isn't a good idea to do! We ended up deciding on Thumper Pond, in Ottertail, MN. It was a fantastic deal and we were able to swim in the fun water park for a long time! The night went pretty well, although I am still waiting for Ty to sleep better. He was up on and off pretty much all night! Between him and Tanner and Madi fighting over blankies, no one got much sleep! Hopefully the next time that we go away it will be a little bit easier. This time the older two had a great time and went down some of the waterslides and swam a long time (much better than when we took the two of them last year!). Here are a few of my favorite pics from our 'mini' vacation...well, I'll call it a trip since it really didn't feel like a 'vacation'!

My three sweeties all dressed up and ready to swim!

Tyson's very first time in a pool. I don't think he minded it, but it wasn't his favorite thing!

This is one of my favorite action shots, there was even water on the lens from all the splashing!

Ty all wrapped up and chewing on his toes after a fun day in the pool.